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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Finally back

After such a long time Daria Werbowy is back to the magazines, well... I'm not sure that she is really back to the fashion world but it was a nice surprise to find Daria on the cover of Russian issue of Madame Figaro (Dec 2006)! Plus she is not only a covergirl but also has a nice editorial inside, interview and generally she is more like a celebrity in this issue, this mag is full of Daria pix! I do not have enoght time to translate the interview now but after reading it I must say that Daria seems to become more wise, she is more confident and feels more comfortable in her skin. She began with talking about her flat in NY and that she wants to repair it herself and that Ukranian traditions are very strong in her family and her and her brother (Orest) and sister (Oksana) speak Ukranian and they know history and traditions of the country and that she is planning to visit it next year.
p.s. my blog is finally back too. I can't post entries here as often as I want but I will add something new at least once a month I hope