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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Talking with a model: Natalia Vodianova

She had a cheap lighter with pink heart which didn't want to flash, it went out each time she tryed to smoke.

- I waste your time, sorry - she whispered, making the first small cloud of menthol smoke.
-Oh, no! It is even pleasant to me (interviewer said). To whom it won't be pleasant? Blue sea, blue sky, the sun is shining and one of the most demanded topmodel on a planet - Natalia Vodianova - is sitting next to me and smoking. Touching, with this hands, with these a little bit crying-like blue eyes. It was impossible to imagine another girl for the role of Bulgakov's Lolita. She looks like Romie Shny(a)ider , my favourite actress.
When I tell this to her she agrees: Yes-yes, very often people compare me to her. It is said that she was a very good actress...
Circumstanses and a goal of our interview is prosaic enough...interview on the terrace of Martinez hotel, where these days in Cannes Loreal co. organizes meetings with stars and carries out different adv. actions.
- Do you like spending time in Cannes? - I ask.
- Yes, I do, but I would like to come here with my own the future... - Natasha answeres.

- want to become an actress?
- Very much! But let's not talk about it now.

- Why?
- Because I don't have any film now.
- So imagine you are playing a role in some film, what are your major conditions?

- I want Justin and Lucas to be with me.
- You never part with them?

- Almost. I just miss them so much when they are not next to me.
- Do you have any ideal in a model business?
- Yes, I have. It's Stells Tennant. She is very beautiful and kind, she also has 3 children.
Nowadays the "children question" is especially actual for Vodianova. She became an initiativer(?) of a special project "Children's playgrounds in Russia". The idea is to build special playgrounds in small towns so that children may come there to communicate, play different active games and to be looking under pedagogues absolutely free. Actually it will be special sport clubs where you can come without any limitations. The project is already worked out, money are saved and the first playground will be opened in her native Nignij Novgorod.
- How much will it cost? - I'm curious
-Something around 30.000(a.r. dollars I suppose). But it is not too expensive. There are so many rich people in Russia nowadays...
And she looks like she is waiting me to agree. But I don't say a word because I know that money which were saved are her own in a half, and the second part was saved by Calvin Klein, Diane von Furstenberg, Donna Karan. Somehow they are interested in our waif children.

- I have already had so much luck that now it's time to think about others. That's why I wanted to to do something for our people. You know...I like to make presents much!
Can you give me a present?
- Which one?
- Give me your lighter.
- But it doesn't work.

- It's not important. I even don't smoke.
Natasha began laughing clearly and then she presented this ligher to me by her princess-like gesture just like it was Cannes Palm branch

ELLE Russia, translated by me


Blogger Daria said...

Aww, I loooove Natalia!!! She is gorgeous, my second favourite model :P

1:06 PM  
Blogger Melissa said...

Sweet Rus this is a great site. I love all the pictures, thank you. This is "oolie coco" from TFS :)

12:22 AM  
Blogger sweet_rus said...

thank you girls! I am glad you like my site!

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