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Friday, June 30, 2006

Campaigns epic vol.1

Every season I feel so impatient and excited about the the upcoming campaigns. And it's so hard to wait but thanx to TFS members for that amazing job they do! What would I do without them!?
eh...what did I want to say? oh yeah, it finally happened! The freshest ads hit the printers and began to appear in fashion magazines. I feel such a pleasure like a little child to whom it was given a candy! Let's start...
Chanel will be the first ones...Chanel is Chanel...they may seem a bit boring but Daria looks just fabulous, more powerful and pirce with this new dark colour!

More Daria! LV ads with her, Du Juan, Raquel Zimmerman, Kate Moss and Pharrel (even don't want to post that pic) and Naomi. Daria looks great with this shoe on her head, so do Raquel, Du and Naomi (not that wonderful but really fine). That is what I won't say about the one with Kate, I just DON'T LIKE IT!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Men in Fashion

Vogue Russia
July 2006
Cameron R
by Anthony Ward
Men, machos and masters - these are people woman meet, admire, resent, struggle with, and ocasionally even fal in love with during an entire lifetime. Surely they are worth at least one issue of Vogue! For, at the end of the day, they are indirectly responsible for some rather dramatic events in the world of fashion. Coco Chanel, Jil Sander, Helmut Lang and Hedi Slimane have proved that looking faminine does not necessarily entail stilletos and decollete ending somewhere around the navel. The stimulus for this sross-dressing revolution is clear as day: many women like to adorn shirts, vests and even army boots as trophies of their victory over men, reminding all and sundry of who came out on top in the battle of the sexes.
but men are starting to get their own back on the fashion front, even attacking the holies of the holies of wimen's attire.Despite their myriad faults and foibles, life would not be the same without men, nor would woman's fashion. This month's Vogue depicts men through the eyes of women who love them.
editorials (scanned by me)
"Saturday is from under Friday", Cameron R by Anthony Ward

"Mistress of the cabaret", Rachel Alexander by Miles Aldridge

article about Versace, Vlada Roslyakova by Greg Lotus

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Advertisement affair

Calvin Klein's New-Look Advertising for Fall
By Marc Karimzadeh NEW YORK — Fall advertising is taking a stark turn at Calvin Klein.

For the fall Calvin Klein Collection campaign, the cinematic black-and-white images of models Natalia Vodianova and Bev Moore evoke the urban modernism associated with Thirties photography.The fashion house is making a clear departure from previous seasons.
For the first time, Francisco Costa, creative director of Calvin Klein Collection women's, has had a significant influence on the message. The images were shot by of-the-moment photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, newcomers to Calvin.Costa worked directly with Calvin Klein Inc.'s in-house ad agency CRK Advertising and Fabien Baron, creative director of the campaign, to create the concepts for the set and the styling.
The additional influence in the campaign was a natural step for Costa, who was named Womenswear Designer of the Year by the Council of Fashion Designers of America this month."When you design a collection, you want to put forth an image that relates to it," Costa said. "I wasn't part of the past [campaigns], but it's naturally how it should go. All the inspiration of the pictures comes from when we started [the collection]."Costa cited the work of Man Ray and Lee Miller as his inspirations for the campaign, which shows the two models dramatically posing like movie stars from another era against or on top of angular white props that have been cropped in each photo. The campaign was photographed at Pier 59 Studios here. It was styled by Karl Templer, with Bill Doig serving as the set designer. The previous three Collection campaigns were photographed by Steven Meisel, with spring featuring Vodianova in a sunny setting."There is more of a class separation," Costa said of the fall campaign. "I am not saying it's elitist, but there is more a sense of control. With Mert and Marcus, the result was a feel of distinction, of making it really luxurious."Baron, who has contributed to many Calvin Klein images for the past 12 years, said he felt a sense of change at Calvin Klein, which steered the creative decisions. "The first thing we did was to look at what Francisco had done, and the feeling, which was very 1930s," Baron said. "We wanted to do something graphic and more spacious. The cropping and the way it was shot was more photographic. We wanted to do something more artistic, more graphic, spacious, and with more precision that has a reminiscence of something from the Thirties and Forties — and very elegant, very sophisticated, very upscale, very sexy."Baron also deliberately wanted to be different from the trend in luxury brand advertisements."When everybody else is focused on product-specific advertising — the bag, the eyewear — in a strong way, and advertising has become about product placement, we tried to do a feel that was more poetic, more reflective, a little bit more sexual in a way," Baron said.
There had been speculation that Kate Moss, who was tapped for the Calvin Klein Jeans campaign, would also return to the Collection ads, especially since Vodianova gave birth only two weeks before the fall shoot. "We had always planned on using Natalia," Costa said. "Kate is much more urban in a way," he said. "With Kate, you see that street-wise mentality. Also, Calvin as a house, and him as a designer, always moved on. It was always about the next thing. I think to go back to Collection with Kate would be a mistake, because she is already in five collection campaigns," added Costa, noting it's a different case with Calvin Klein Jeans.
For the better-priced Calvin Klein line, licensed to Kellwood Co., the campaign was shot by Mikael Jansson on location in Los Angeles, featuring models Doutzen and Gabriel Aubry in a street setting, with grainier images giving the ads a more cinematic feel. The bridge-tier ck Calvin Klein ads, meanwhile, were shot by Patrick Demarchelier at Pier 59 Studios. They have a multiple casting theme, with models including Vodianova, Freja Beja, Anna Mayria and Danny Beauchamp, in poses reminiscent of the ground-breaking ck One ads from the nineties.The Collection ads will break in August books and will run through October. Six Calvin Klein Collection portfolios featuring four- to eight-page spreads will appear in September issues of Vogue, W, Harper's Bazaar, Elle and Interview, as well as Vogue Japan. Company executives declined to disclose the cost of the campaign or the ad spend. CKI's annual advertising and marketing spend is estimated to be more than $200 million. Overall, CKI's number of U.S. ad pages will increase by 19 percent compared with last fall.Costa, who did not consult Calvin Klein himself on the ads, indicated the importance of redefining what the brand stands for. "We wanted to create more prestige, with less product to make it more artistic," Costa said. "We have to create what it stands for, which is luxury."

Monday, June 12, 2006

Talking with a model: Tetyana Brazhnyk

From Ukraine with love
by Teri Saccone
In real life, models rarely turn out to be as you'd expect them. Tetyana Brazhnyk is not an expeption. Although not yet a household name, this rising star is one to keep your eyes on. Meet the ukraine girl who really knocks us out...
With her smoldering, steely gaze and confident stride, she is the epitome of Russian cool. But meeting Tetyana B is a sweet surprise. She is both ambitious and diciplined, esp. for a 20 year-old. But despite her travels and modelling experience over the last four years, there's something refreshing honest, even innocent, about her. Tetyana has caught the Eurostar from Paris early this morning for Fabruary mag's cover shoot and interview and she's radiant despite arising before dawn. Perched in the makeup chair, you notice her cerulean blue eyes, cacading hair, and pouty lips. But when T flashes her beguiling smile, her face and the entire room lights up.Born in the Ukraine, she is the youngest of three children. It was a middle-class upbringing, T's mother works in a kindergarten, her father is an ex-policeman. She first left home at 16 to embark on a modelling career. Initially, she was not exactly up to the challenge.

-Noboody believed I could go and model. Not even me, she confesses. I didn't believe I was so beautiful. But I tried it. Then a scout from my agency came to my city in the Ukraine, took some pictures, showed them to the agency in Paris, and they chose me, she explains.
-It was hard in the beginning to model because I was on my own at such a young age. I went to Paris and was quite lonely in the beginning because there were not many Russian models at the time. I was also scared to go to Europe for the first time on my own. Now I think it's good that I did it. I am able to help my familiy financially, which is great.
Within a short time T's move paid off: she appeared in Vogue,Glamour,W and Marie Claire. Campaigns for Sonia Rykiel, La Perla, Helena Rubenstein and Etro followed. Simultaneously, the winsome Brazhnyk has graced many a catwalks.

Does she prefer the catwalk or photo shoots?
-The catwalk, she replies without hesitation. Because the catwalk is more interesting to me. It's crazier and more difficult, too. But I think it's better than shooting cause there are more girls at the shows. At photo shoots, you're alone but with the shows, there are always lots of Ukraine girls to talk with. When I first started out, there was no body from that part of the world and I didn't speak good Eng. so it was hard. But now, I meet so many girls from there and I'm so happy.
-We all travel so much that the only chance we get to see each other is at the shows. Plus the catwalk shows are just so much fun. So many nice people in one place.
T. mentions her familiy several times during our chat, and informs me that he returns home whenever she has time off.
-I try to go home every three months,she says, as the hair stylist places a delicate bauble on the crown of her head.
-When I have a week off, I go right away.Someday, I would like to go back to live there. I would also like to have house in Ukraine, and one in Sweden or Finland because it's beautiful and reminds me of Russia. I just love my country.
How did she meet her Russian husband, Valerie?
-Actually, he found me in Ukraine, she says with a wide grin. He was working for an agency as a scout, We were friends for one year, then became boyfriend and girlfriend. We got married teo months ago in Paris.
It was an intimate, small ceremony with both the bride's and groom's familiess in attendence. T wore a white trouser suit, her hair a mass of wild curls, She informs me that they plan to have another wedding, one that will be a bit more traditional.
-I'm going to do another wedding in a church. because it's very important to me to have it in a church back home. So we're going to do that soon.
On the subject of her husband, T informs me that their free time is spent together, mostly relaxing at home in front of the TV, with Valerie doing the cooking.
-I dont cook myself, only because I left home so early and I never have time now to learn. But my husband cooks for me and he can make Russian food.
T. is a non-smoker and tells me that she maintains her health as best she can.
-I do take care of myself. I never smoke and I don't drink much. I will have red wine once in a while and vodka only when I go back home. I also like to sleep, a lot! And when I'm not working, no high heels and not much makeup either. I try to rest my skin. When I go out, I wear a little mascara, and a little of this and that, but not too much of anything.
On the catwalk and in front of the camera, T is a true chameleon, moving effortlessly from Victorian waif, to punk princess, to femme fatale. She's a big fan od fesigners like Chole, Karl Lagerfeld, Prada and Miu Miu and when she's not working, T tends to experiement with her personal style.
-I like so many diffrent looks she explains. I like being sexy, sometimes I like being like a little girl, sometimes I like being funky. I don't like to wear the same things every day.
During ou interview, she assures me that although she enjoys modelling ver much, at some point, she hopes to have a baby. The short-term plan, according to her modelling agency, is for T to relocate to N.Y. for most of the year. She admits that she doesn't really prefer be the focus of attention, which is why she feels more comfortable on the catwalk than at photo shoots.
-I'm just a normal girl, nothing special, from the Ukraine, she explains without a trace of false modesty. But I'm so excited to do this today, I'm so happy, she adds earnestly. Then she is spirited away to finish preparing for our shoot, and gets back to the business of being beautiful.
big thanx to Viktor (TFS)

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Model's secrets: Eugenia Volodina

One of the new generation of Russian supermodels and my absolute № 1, Eugenia Volodina looks fantastic for a living and here's how...

HAIR: when my hair is wrecked after the shows, Phytologie Phito 7 puts the moisture back in. A hairdresser also recommended Lancome Hair Sensation Nutrition Intense, which is a miracle. I want to grow my hair long, so at the moment I cut it myself so I know how much is coming off!
ESSENTIAL PRODUCT: Christian Dior Ultimeyes Mascara
PET HATE: Profeccionals always over-pluck my my eyebrows, so I do them myself. I use Tweezerman tweezers.

Scincare regime
DAILY ROUTINE: Lancome's products are perfect for my sensitive skin. I use Bi-facil Instant Cleanser for eyes, and Hydra Zen moisturiser for day, with Hydra Zen Nuit at night.
ENERGENCY PRODUCT: I get really dry lips. Kenzoki Sensuel Sweet and Smooth Duo is an amazing lip scrub and moisturiser.

BEST TIP: Never, ever touch your spots. I always leave them and they just go.
FACIAL: I visit facialist Anne Semonin in Paris; also in London at Claridge's . Sje really cleans my skin after all the make-up from the shows.

Holiday must-haves
IN HER HAND LUGGAGE: A water spray, hand cream, wooly socks and a book. I am currently reading a novel by Russian author Daria Dontsova.

ON THE BEACH: Dior Bronze suncream SPF15 - I always wear factor 15 or above.

HEALTH: I take vitamin C every morning.
FITNESS: Unlike most models, I don't like yoga. Instead, I have a step machine at home and when I'm away, I hit the hotel gym.

Shoot: Satoshi Saikuza

Hymn to body:
A girl and the sea.

B&W shoot, nude woman, primeval scenery...this is Stoshi Saikuza's work for Japan brand "Shiseido" to pay tribute to it's body line called Body Creator. For this shoot held in Corsica was chosen a prefectly set-up model Louren Denis. "I took real delight in this shoot. Wild beaches of Corsica, rocky coasts and wonderful turquoise sea. I swam and dived luxuriously that sometimes even forgot about the camera. Never though I would discover mermaid's patterns in myself" - says she smiling.
scanned and translated by me
Russian ELLE June 2006

Divine Snejana

First of all I want to thank evisu_donna for scanning this absolutely stunning editorial from French Vogue June/July 2006! Thiss issue has photo shoots with 3 of my top girls: Snejana, Sasha and Anja. Hope you will enjoy these pcts as I do! Snejana returns back this old glamour, don't ya think! Love it!!! Watch it in my video.